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About the credits system

Find out how to use and acquire your credits.

This article is about Musiversal Studio.

For similar information regarding Musiversal Unlimited, visit this article


In this article you'll learn about: 

1. What are credits, and what can you do with them?
2. Credit system guidelines for Legacy users

What are credits, and what can you do with them?

  • A credit is the unity of value that you get with your pack.
  • Sessions are booked in exchange for credits.  
  • The credits should be in your account before booking. 
  • You can acquire credits periodically through your plan, add credits via add-on, or pay as you go with On Demand. Find out more about our plans here

Cost per service*

  • The vast majority of services/ sessions cost 1 credit
  • Exceptions include:
    • Stem Mastering (90 minutes) - 2 credits
    • Mixing (6 hours) - 3 credits

*This may vary for Legacy users. Contact Support to learn more. 

Booking longer sessions with your credits

  • You can double or triple the length of any session. Learn how to do it here

Usage limit

  • Credits can be used to book up to 30 sessions at any given time. This is to avoid abnormally high usage of the platform at any given time. In other words, you can have up to 30 sessions booked at any time.

What happens when a session is cancelled?

  • If the session is cancelled with more than 48h in advance, it will get automatically recredited, and you'll be able to see it in your Billing area. In the case it gets cancelled with shorter notice, the credit won't be added back.


For Legacy users (signed up before 2023)

Top-up Credits

  • You can buy additional credits in your billing area here.
  • Purchased credits will top up your account, and can be used to book sessions just like regular credits from your plan do.

Changing plans

  • When you change plans, your rollover limit will adjust accordingly. For example, if you downgrade from Studio 100 to Studio 50, your limit will adjust from 600 to 250 credits.
  • You won’t lose any credits when you downgrade.
  • Learn more about upgrading and downgrading here.

Upgrading to a higher plan

  • Upon upgrading, the rollover ability resets according to the new plan (6X the plan's name)

Downgrading to a lower plan

  • Upon downgrading, the rollover ability resets according to the new plan, and any unused credits won’t be added nor rolled-over until the number of credits in your account go below the new ability as given by the downgraded plan.

Canceling your membership

  • If you cancel your membership, any credits stored will be lost at the end of your final billing period.
  • Learn about what happens after your cancellation, click here.

Credit rollover

  • Unused credits roll over into your total credit count. For example: If you have 5 (unused) credits in your quota and your membership renews, those credits will be rolled over to the total credits count.
  • Rollover ability: the rollover of credits will occur when a new billing cycle starts (new payment), and a count of 6X the plan allowance is not yet met in your account. For example: Studio 5 users can store up to 30 rolled over credits, and Studio 10 users can store up to 60 rolled over credits.
  • This feature is available for all plans, except for Studio 2 and legacy yearly plans (bought before July 1, 2022). Unused credits (not used for booking sessions) on plans without the rollover feature, will not rollover by the moment of a new payment, and will be lost.
  • The credits rollover feature is available from January 5, 2022 onwards. Payments of Musiversal Studio memberships performed before this date are not eligible for the credits roll over feature.


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