How do I cancel my subscription?

Visit your Member's Area and automatically cancel/ stop your subscription at anytime.

Follow these 3 steps:

1. Visit your Member's Area, under My Subscriptions.

2. Click the drop-down menu where it says "Active".


3. Click "Cancel Subscription".

Your subscription is now cancelled.

You will not be charged on your next billing period.

Unsatisfied with our service?

We would love to know why you decided to cancel your subscription.

Please let us know by emailing

Please note:

Your subscription will still be valid until the end of your monthly subscription period. That means your upcoming sessions will still be booked in, and you can still book new sessions until the end of your subscription month.

After your subscription month expires, you will no longer be able to book recording sessions and any sessions scheduled beyond your subscription end date will be canceled.

If you change your mind after you've contacted us requesting to cancel, and instead wish to keep your subscription, just let us know by emailing

What happens when I cancel my subscription?