Musiversal Studio Free Trial

Learn all about our 14-day free trial *

* Effective for new users who signed-up from September 29, 2021, onwards

1. Do I have to pay up-front?

Upfront payment is not required to enter the Free Trial. However, payment details are required upfront. At the end of the 14 days, Musiversal will automatically charge your payment card and enroll you into your chosen plan, constituting your first billing date.

Upon payment, you will get immediate access to your plan’s session allowance.
The charge will be equivalent to the amount shown during the sign-up process, corresponding to the cost of your chosen plan and considering any discounts applied due to coupon codes.

2. How many sessions do I get during my Free trial?*

The Free Trial period includes 1 free session. This session is an offer from Musiversal to you, and it won't be taken from your plan's allowance. Meaning: if you book this session within your trial period, you will still get access to all sessions of your chosen plan allowance upon your first billing date.

This free session has a booking availability of 14 days, which means it will be available for you to book within the 14 days of the Free Trial period. After which period, if not booked, it will be expired and not possible to redeem.

The free session is entitled to new users who have never completed a Musiversal® Studio session before the sign-up date. Creating multiple accounts in order to access more than one free session will constitute unfair usage of the platform and your account(s) will be terminated without prior notice.

Add-on services (such as Mixing, Transcription, etc.) are not included in the free session / free trial period. 

*If you signed-up from June 12 until September 29, 2021:

If you do not use this free session, during the free trial period, and then decide to enter a paying subscription plan, you will lose the benefit of the free session. I.e. The free session is stand-alone and will not be added to your paid subscription plan.

3. Can I subscribe to a plan before the Free Trial ends? 

If you decide that you do not want to wait a full 14 days until you can have access to your full plan allowance, you can subscribe earlier by going into your Billing area and enrol into a plan.

If you decide to subscribe to a plan before your Free Trial period ends, you will get immediate access to that plan’s session allowance, and you will be charged at that moment (rather than being charged at the end of your Free Trial period).

If you start your free trial with a Promo Code and then Switch Early (i.e. you decide to enrol into the paid plan before the trial period ends), that Promo Code will still apply on your billing.

4. Will I still have my free session if I subscribe during the Free Trial period?

Yes. If, during the Free Trial you didn’t book (activate) your free session, and you subscribe before your expected Trial end date, then that free session will roll over, so that your allowance will be your plan allowance + 1 free session.

5. How do I cancel my free trial? 

To cancel your Free Trial, you must contact support before your trial ends, via email at

6. I asked for my Free Trial to be cancelled, and my card was charged. How can I request a refund?

In the unlikely event that your cancellation has not been processed by the end of the Free Trial period, and your card is charged, you will be entitled to a refund. You can contact us via email at

For more details, read our Refund Policy in clause 3.12 of our Terms of Use.