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Why a Golden Record?

To grow the community, spread the love and make more music!

As you may know, we closed direct access to the musiversal® Studio on November 1st 2020. We have since accepted more than 2,000 people on the waitlist.

We are working hard on helping make anyone a music creator. This vision is beyond us as individuals and as a company. We want to expand the pie and create a music industry that works for everyone.

The musiversal® Studio allows music creators to make more and better music for less, and allows musicians to have stable and remote jobs. We offer access to unlimited recording sessions, to realize this vision. In reality, we don’t have unlimited recording sessions available (surprise 🙃), in fact, we have a limited (but ever-growing) number of musicians offering (an ever-growing) number of remote recordings sessions. In other words, The musiversal® Studio thrives on balance and consideration for one another. We are carefully building a thoughtful and considerate community of musicians, balancing the number of subscribers we let in with the supply of musicians.

This gives us time to hire the best musicians in the world, whilst delivering on our promise to provide every subscriber with unlimited recording sessions of the highest quality. Everyone wins. To succeed with our vision, we need to:

  • Thoughtfully grow the community with care and consideration for one another;
  • Limit the number of subscribers who get access into the musiversal® studio, as we need to ensure that we can consistently meet our promise to guarantee unlimited recording sessions of the highest quality, to every single subscriber;

Lastly, we also hope that the Golden Record will help us spread the word about musiversal, grow the platform and therefore the number of musicians we can employ, simultaneously improving the experience for every subscriber.
This will ensure that everyone wins in the long term. This is the primary reason we created the Golden Record.