How can I cancel my upcoming session?

Musiversal® Studio

You can cancel upcoming sessions in your member’s area, under “My Sessions” at any time.

We invite you to book your sessions in a thoughtful manner. Booked sessions are slots that are meant for you to record your music, and therefore not available for someone else to do the same.

Please do what you can to avoid cancellations on a brief notice.
Canceling your session on a brief notice removes the possibility for anyone else to book this slot and wastes the musician's time.

In case of a no-show, the musician will carry out the recording in your absence. If you encounter any unforeseen setbacks you can always notify us via, and we'll let the musician know you won't be present. 

Orchestra Sessions

In the case of orchestral sessions, we offer a full refund for cancellation requests up to 14 days after purchase, on purchases done under TBD date agreements (E.g.: March TBD).

We also offer full refund to purchases done under announced dates (E.g.: March 17th) when a booking has been done more than 30 days before the session (E.g: a purchase done before February 17th). If you purchase your session with an announced recording date (E.g.: March 17th) which is less than 30 days away from the time of purchase, you are not eligible for a cancellation refund.