How can I communicate with the artists?

You can message our artists after booking your session, before the session, and after you've received your materials.

Before getting started

There might be some situations where you need to communicate with the artist regarding your session, or session materials. The platform has a messaging system built-in, so you can easily make contact with them. Use the messaging system to: 

  • Provide clarification, updates or requests on your pre-session materials 
  • Giving notice about session details, i.e. "I'll be late for my session", "I selected I wouldn't attend the session at first, but I'm attending"
  • Request revision or clarification on specific points of the session's material: missing takes, material formats, etc. 



Don't use the messaging system to: 

  • Ask questions about navigation or usage of the platform
  • Report tech bugs/issues
  • Report last minute issues happening during a session
  • Request the musician to add elements or keep on working on your recording once the session has ended
  • Share, request or provide any type of information outside the session's scope

For any of the purposes mentioned above, please send a request to our Support form here, and we'll follow up in less than 24h.


In the following section, you'll learn about: 

1. How to use the messaging system - Unlimited users


How it works - Unlimited users

While booking your session

1. Choose the slot you'd like to book, and provide your track details. 
2. Go to the "Deliverables" tab



  • Look for the "Send a message" field

3. Write your message and, by confirming the booking, the message will be sent along with your session details.


After booking your session

1. Go to your Sessions area.
2. Click on your session
3. Go to the "Messages" tab and send your message


♦   The conversation will be enabled until 4 days post session. After then, contact us via our Support form for any further communications.


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