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Copyrights, commercial use, credits and synchronization.

You keep 100% of your rights.

Rights ownership

You keep ownership of all your rights. Both copyright and recording rights are yours perpetually and worldwide. All Musiversal recordings are 100% buyouts.

Commercial use

You have permission to use the recordings delivered by Musiversal for commercial purposes without paying additional fees or royalties.


Crediting Musiversal recording services is encouraged and preferred, yet it is optional. In the case of music department credits such as in the film industry, Musiversal may be credited according to industry standards. Social media crediting is always encouraged. Multiple ways of crediting Musiversal are accepted, including, but not limited to:
- Music Production by Musiversal
- Music Recordings by Musiversal
- Music Recorded by Musiversal
- Strings by Musiversal
- Orchestra by Musiversal

Ruth Royall may not be named in any publicly released song title, i.e. "Song Name feat. Ruth Royall", unless you have explicit permission from her record label. Ruth may be credited as a Musiversal session musician as usual.

Tee Webb may not be named in any publicly released song title, i.e. "Song name feat. Tee Webb", unless you have the explicit permission from her record label. Tee may be credited as a Musiversal session musician as usual.

When you share on social media, we kindly request you to tag our social media handles.
We really want to see, like, comment, share and support your great work!
Social handles:
- Facebook: wearemusiversal
- Instagram: wearemusiversal
- YouTube: Musiversal (tag during video uploading, on “Video tags”)
- Twitter: wearemusiversal
- LinkedIn: musiversal
- TikTok: wearemusiversal
- Soundcloud: wearemusiversal
- Reddit: u/musiversal

Rights waiver

Musiversal and Musiversal’s musicians waive all rights in favor of the user for any audio files resulting from any Musiversal recording sessions. Musiversal declares that it is fully entitled to waive the rights as it was allowed by the musicians in a written and signed contract to do so without any limitations, universally and perpetually.

If you need a signed work for hire agreement, please contact us on support@musiversal.com. In this email, state the name of the song/track in question, and the names of the Musiversal musicians with whom you recorded said song/track.


The recordings delivered by Musiversal are cleared for syncing with images except for the orchestral recording sessions which are held in the UK territory, which are cleared for audio commercial release only. If you wish to use the music you recorded in a London-based orchestral recording for image-syncing, please get in touch with us at support@musiversal.com.


Read musiversal's complete Terms of Use here.