How does a Beat Making session work?

A Beat Making session will help you lay the foundations of your track.

This is how your Beat Making session will work:

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1. First, provide a reference track on what you want your track to sound like.
The more detail you give to the beat maker the better: for example, why you've sent that track and what you're trying to emulate from it.

2. If you have further material: a melody, harmony/ chords or both, send that across as well, making sure it has been made/ recorded to a click. Otherwise, the beat maker won't have a reference pulse to create the beat to.

3. You'll join the beat maker and create a beat or a sample, or even both, if the session time allows for it. Additionally, you can book a second session for him to record live drums on top of the beat he's initially created for you.

Depending on the complexity of the material sent, you may end your session with a beat that is almost finished and just needs some tweaking/ polishing/ mixing, or with a beat sketch that you can keep evolving on another session.

4. After your session, you'll receive all the separate stems/ instruments/ samples created and also a stereo bounce of the whole creation.