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How much do you pay your musicians?

How we contract and pay our musicians.

Musiversal is a global company that hires musicians from all around the planet. We are committed to creating a music industry that works for everyone, so we are creating stable incomes in an industry where that concept rarely exists.

We look for talent, experience and dedication, firmly believing that whether a musician lives in London, Nashville or Rio de Janeiro, the only thing that matters is how great of a musician and of a professional that person is.

Incomes are adjusted to the local cost of living to ensure that all our musicians enjoy the same quality of life, beyond their location. We also pay our musicians for the totality of their available time slots, regardless of those being booked or not, to ensure they always get fair payment.

Example: In New York City one will need more money to keep the same standard of living than in Warsaw, Poland. Incomes range from $21,000 to $96,000 full-time globally, depending on location and local cost of living.

With this system, our musicians can focus on what they do best: playing and recording music for you.