How to view and edit your sessions

On "My Sessions" you'll be able to view your past and upcoming sessions, edit and change the files and information submitted.

a. View your sessions

From My Sessions

1. Click the "Upcoming" and "Previous" tabs to check your sessions' details


2. All sessions will show a status label in the same tab: 

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-11 005239

b. Edit your sessions

1. Click on the session you wish to edit. A page will pop up

2. Click on the upper right corner ⇒ Hit "Edit session"

3. Edit or update the details on the corresponding fields

4. Save changes at the bottom left 

c. View and edit files

Find out how to upload files here.

1. Go to "Files Management" in the session details

2. Select "View Files"


3. Select "Delete all pre-session files" to delete files

4. Go back to the Files Management area to re-upload or add files. 




Here's a quick video overview of your My Sessions page