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What is a Production Advice session?

Get professional & friendly advice from a top-tier producer, and take your song to the next level, no matter what stage you're at.

In a Production Advice session, you'll get the opportunity to discuss your song with a professional producer! They'll provide you with invaluable feedback and help advise you on what next steps you need to take in order to get your song produced in the best way possible.

What can happen during this session:

  • Get guidance on how to start your production.
  • Receive suggestions for which instruments to record in your song, and in which order.
  • The producer may suggest changes in the form of your song.
    • Example 1: Have an instrumental section between first chorus and second verse.
    • Example 2: Repeat the last chorus 2 times.
  • Help in determining the best BPM (tempo) for your song.
  • Advanced tips and tricks regarding tracking and production.
    • Example 1: Should you double the guitar part?
    • Example 2: Is the song's production transmitting the intended emotion?

    And learn...

    • How our recording sessions work.
    • How Pre-Production sessions works.
    • What kind of materials you need to provide for each session.
    • How the materials you provide influence your experience of Musiversal Studio sessions.
    • How Post-Production sessions work (Mixing and Mastering).

    Materials that you can send:

    • A link with a reference for what you have in mind for your song (recommended).
    • Any recording that you may have of your song (optional), including:
      • Example 1: A voice memo of you singing the vocals.
      • Example 2: A rehearsal room recording.
      • Example 3: A full band recording.
    • Any kind of written material that you might have (optional). For example: lyrics, chords charts, and scores.

    Producers currently offering this service: Davi Mello and Devin Malloy

    The Production Advice session does not deliver any resulting material after the session is complete. We encourage you to take notes during or after the session.