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What is an Arrangement?

What does an arranger do? What’s arranging? In short, an arranger will take your musical vision and bring it to life!

Where to apply an arrangement: 

  • You may have your entire song recorded, but wish to record a string quartet or a horn section, despite not knowing how to write for those instruments. Our arranger can do that for you.
  • You may only have a simple recording done on your phone, and no idea of what you could do next. Our arranger will then propose instruments, form and colorful harmonies. He'll proceed to produce world-class materials, including audio stems and scores, for all the musicians to record your music. All you need to do next is to send the materials to the musicians!

How it works:

  • Request a quote by filling up this form with your request, materials and files.
  • The cost of an arrangement is based on the following:

    - the length of music to arrange (for example, 1 minute of a cello solo in a 3-minute song);

    - which instruments.

  • The required materials are:

    - Audio or Midi of the song;

    - Bpm;

    - Audio Reference (something that might be similar in genre/style/expectations).

  • Our arranger will create an arrangement for you, and provide you with a Midi mock-up for approval. Upon your approval, you'll receive the final scores and parts for the musicians to play (PDF), audio mock-up of all instruments (.wav) and a midi tempo map (mid / optional).
  • You're now ready to record your music, arranged to its highest quality and prepared to deliver the best recording results.


If you're still having trouble wrapping your head around what an arranger does, think of your song as a house. Maybe even your dream house. And you're the architect for that house.
Which means you have the artistic vision for what you want it to be like, so you draw it to the best of your abilities.

Now, two simple things can happen:

  1. You may not know exactly what to draw, so maybe you just have some sketches of your idea. These would be your melodies and/or vocal scratches (audio files that maybe you've even just recorded with your phone), your instrumental demos (also audio files with maybe just some basic chords on your guitar or keyboard to go along with that melody) and some lyrics (written in a text document).
  2. You may know what to draw, and you draw it well, overall, but you haven't done it technically very well, so they need some work. These would be your audio stems (maybe done in your DAW) and sheet music (scores or charts) of a song for which you already have a clearly defined structure in mind.

Whatever the case may be, this is where our arranger will come in. Think of the arranger as the Head Engineer who'll help you build your house. You, as the Architect, provide the Head Engineer with all your plans and ideas for your house. And then the Head Engineer will make sure that all those plans and ideas are actually technically perfect and feasible so that, when the house is being built, everything is done with the utmost efficiency, quality and safety.

So when you, the song's author, provide our arranger with your original materials for your song, the arranger will make sure everything is tip-top quality in every aspect, so that, when the song is being recorded, it is done so in the most productive and creative possible way, allowing for more session time to be spent making music and less (if any at all) trying to figure out what to do and how.

  • If point 1 is your situation, the arranger will propose instruments, form and colorful harmonies, proceeding to produce world-class materials, including audio stems and scores for all the musicians.
  • If your situation is closer to point 2, the arranger will make sure that everything is up to world-class standards for the musicians and also help you to add that extra flavor to your song.  

In other words, think of our arranger not only as the Head Engineer for your house but also as its Interior Designer: he'll make sure all your materials are top-quality and everything is built to perfection, while insuring that everything will look stunning on the inside, too.