How many sessions can I book with Unlimited?

Learn how sessions and bookings work with Musiversal Unlimited

There isn't a limit to the amount of sessions you can book with Musiversal Unlimited!

Booking speed and hold may vary subject to supply availability and demand, as presented in our Terms of Use.

Learn what type of sessions you can book with Musiversal Unlimited here.

Learn about sessions and how they work here.

About managing availability and demand

By managing the availability based on supply availability and customer demand, we are able to expand the amount and variety of available sessions by hiring new service providers, and ultimately offer you as many booking slots as possible. In other words, provide you with the best possible experience.

This also means fairer, more stable income and improved working conditions for our partners, and a healthier music industry.

With this managed system, we create, together with you and all our customer base, a community of creators who use the available resources to the maximum extent of their potential!

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