What is a session and how do sessions work?

Live-streamed remote 30 to 180 minute recording sessions, at your fingertips.

What is a Musiversal session?

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In this article you'll learn about: 


How it works

1. Book a session

•  Find the detailed procedure on how to book here.

•  Your session can be 30 to 180 minutes long. 

2. Send your materials

•   Find the detailed procedure in this article: Submitting pre-session materials

•   Find what and when to provide your materials: Preparing your materials ahead of a session

•   Find a material guide for each musician in this article

3. Join the session

•   Learn how to join in this article

4. Enjoy your session

The magic moment has arrived. A musician will be making your music come to life, and you'll connect through live-streaming technologies.

5. Receive your files

•   Find more information in this article: What do I receive after my session and when do I receive it?



What are Musiversal sessions for?

TLDR: to record your music, or covers, or engineer them, when you provide detailed materials, or guidelines (for improvising). 

Find out what can be achieved in a Musiversal session here. 



What other Production services do we offer? 

  • If you have a song, and you wish a trumpet player to create an arrangement on the fly, that's only possible through Custom Sessions
  • If you have a song, and you want the trumpet player to create trumpet stacks to go along with sax and trombone, you need to book our Arrangement service
  • If you only have an audio or virtual mock-up of a melody line that you wish the musician to play, but don't have a score, you need to book our Transcription service

Learn about our Orchestras in this article



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