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About the quality of our sessions.

High quality audio, Live-streamed, Human to Human interaction.

About the sessions

We host live-streamed sessions, where you are able to interact with the musician on the go!

You will be connected via Zoom for video conferencing, and Audiomovers for high-quality audio feed.

Here's an example of how it looks like:

About our musicians

We've spent a lot of time with music scouts in capital cities across the globe, who know the local market inside-out. They've sent us the top 1% of their list, and we've gone one step further by putting every musician through a thorough and selective testing process, and only accepting the very best.

Our criteria for musicians include being incredible musicians, competent technicians, having a top-tier professional home recording studio, being brilliant communicators and possessing the ability to operate with integrity and authenticity.

So don't worry, you're in very safe hands. But we'll let the quality of your received music files speak to that!

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