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What is a Pre-Production session?

The purpose of this service is to help you materialize your musical ideas and get them ready for recording!

Pre-Production helps you bridge the gap from having a musical idea in your head, to having professional materials ready for our session musicians to start working with and record your music.

In a nutshell, our Music Producer will create and/or improve your materials, ahead of your recording sessions. This way, you can guarantee that your materials will be of a professional standard, so that your next recording session can yield the best experience and results.

How you can benefit from Pre-Production:

  • Save time producing a chords chart.

  • Get from musical idea to recording session as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Produce the highest quality materials that our session musicians can use, which will then provide you with the best possible session experience and output quality (the audio files).

How it works:

  1. Book a date and time with our Producer here.

  2. Send the material you currently have (learn more about this below).

  3. Receive the produced materials by the end of the day of your chosen date.

  • The service is carried out offline, with no livestream interaction with the Producer.

What materials you'll receive:

  • An audio file (Stem) for the Melody. Format: Audio - .wav / 48khz/ 24bit. Listen to an example here.

  • An audio file (Stem) for the Harmony. Format: Audio - .wav/48khz/24bit. Listen to an example here.

  • A chords chart, in the correct form / tonality / bpm. See an example here.

  • Midi tempo map, if applicable.

  • And, if you'd like to receive suggestions of which musicians/ instruments to record, and/or in which order, our Producer can provide you with that, too!

The producer will not provide any scores or transcribed melodies. If you wish to receive these, please book a transcription session with him here.

What materials you need to send:

  • Permitted materials include lyrics, chords sheets, MIDI files, Sibelius files, audio mock-ups, and voice recordings. E.g.: a voice recording you've made on your phone, or a virtual instrument track created in your DAW.
    • Consider one single instrument/voice per booked session. If you want multiple instruments/voices produced, you may book consecutive sessions.
    • Maximum music time per session booked: 5 minutes. If your song/piece is longer than 5 minutes, you may book consecutive sessions.
  • (OPTIONAL) Any kind of written material. This could be a PDF with any lyrics or chords you have.

  • If you have someone outside Musiversal singing on your song/ track, the Producer will send you provisional materials in a range that might fit the male or female voice, or not at all. You may then send these materials to your singer, in order to confirm in which key he/ she is more comfortable singing your song/ track. When you have that information and send it over to us, we will adjust the materials and send them back over to you.