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What is a Mixing session, and how can I book it?

Mixing is about leveling all the instruments and the vocals, to accomplish both the musical and emotional vision of your song.

Mixing is a long session (whole day of work), and includes an optional 1-hour livestream moment half-way through to check in on progress, and collaborate/direct the mix if you wish.

1. What will be achieved

  • The Engineer will blend the instruments of your track using a series of techniques, so that the instruments will sound the best that they can and also won't clash into each other sonically speaking. In other words, to make every instrument audible and sounding amazing!
  • The Engineer will ensure that the levels of every instrument are being automated properly, so the right instrument is the main focal point for certain parts of your song.
  • The Engineer will ensure that the emotion that you're looking for is being achieved through the mix.

2. What you need to send for a Mixing session

IMPORTANT: All audio must be previously edited

One of the following two:

  1. Your DAW's session - Pro Tools or Logic; containing every microphone's track of every instrument.
  2. STEMS - Separate stems per microphone, exported in the grid, starting at the exact same beat, so the Engineer is able to align your files in his DAW (for instance, if you have DRUMS, you should send every single microphone, and not only a stereo bounce of the drums; the same is true for every instrument). 


      • Reference Track link - for the Engineer to know what kind of sound you're looking for.
      • Additional Info - write whatever specifics you might want for this particular mix.
      • The song must be completely edited, with all takes selected and proper fades done.

            3. What will not happen in a Mixing session

            • You won't be selecting the best takes. That is comping.
            • You won't be editing any rhythmic issues. That is editing.
            • You won't be tuning the vocals or any other instrument. That is also editing.
            • Completing your track to be ready to be published or distributed. That's the work of a Mastering session.

              4. What you will receive

              • A STEREO uncompressed bounce of the mix - to be sent to the Mastering Engineer.
              • An A cappella version (vocals only).
              • An instrumental version (instruments only).
              • Optional - Separate STEMS per groups of instruments.
                • E.g.: Drums would be a stereo track; All the guitars would be blended into a unique stereo track as well, etc.

              5. How to book Mixing Sessions and Revisions

              1. Go to the Explore page ⇒ Filter by "Mix Session" on the left bar

              3. Go to the service's card, and select "Book a session"

              4.1 To book with credits

                 1. Select the service (Mixing or Mix Revision), with the "Pay with credits" sign


                 2. Select the slot

                 3. Enter the session details

                 4. Confirm the booking

              4.2 To book with regular payment

                 1. Select the service (Mixing or Mixing Revision), with the "Pay with money" sign

                 2. You'll be redirected to the Engineer's Calendly page. Select your place of residence, and select "Submit" to choose the slot and enter your payment details. 


              • In order to request Stems when booking through the Studio platform, select the corresponding Deliverables' option: 

              • When booking with regular payment, request these as soon as the Mix is approved, so that the Stems are exported along with the final delivery. 


              • The mixing service does not include revisions.
              • Revisions can be hired in the Studio app, following the steps demonstrated above with Mixing sessions. 
              • You can hire as many revisions as you wish, until your Mixing is complete.