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What is an Audio Editing session?

Edit your stems/tracks to the best of their potential, through comping, tuning, and noise removal.

Audio Editing sessions are 45 minutes long. They are designed to craft out the best of what you can get from your recorded material.

You'll typically book Audio Editing sessions in the following production stages: 

  1. After you have recorded with an instrumentalist or vocalist.
  2. Before going into mixing phase.
  3. To amend or improve your audio stems/tracks.

What you'll work on during an Audio Editing session:

  1. Comping for instruments or vocals (choosing the best moments from each take)
  2. Tuning for melodic instruments (cello, violin, flute, etc) and vocals
  3. Noise removal using spectral tools
  4. Audio editing in general

Check out our currently offered Audio Editors, according to your plan, here.

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  • Does Musiversal send my recorded files over to the Audio Editor?
    No. You must follow the process of booking a session and submitting your files. It's all explained in this article.
  • Does the Audio Editing service includes revisions?
    No. If you need further work on your piece, you must book a new session.
  • Is the Audio Editing session a live session?
    Yes. You will be able to attend and interact live with the audio engineer.