How to book your sessions

Now that you're all set, it's time to starting booking sessions to record the instruments of your choice.


In this article, you'll learn: 

1. How to book your sessions - Unlimited


How to book your sessions - Unlimited

1. Go to our Explore page, and filter by service on the left bar. Type the service on the "Service" field, and select the category below



2. Find the artist you want to book click on "Book a session"

3. Click on the slot you want to book in the artist's schedule

(jump to the next step for longer sessions)


4. To book a longer session, find 2 or 3 consecutive slots in the calendar 

(You can book up to three slots to make a longer session. Find out more on session duration here). 

5. Click on the first slot and the consecutive one. They'll automatically merge into a single one


Check the total duration of the session at the bottom left

Click again on each of the already merged slots if you need to deselect them 


6. Go to "Add track details" at the bottom

7. Fill in the fields with your track details 

8. Hit "Add Session Details" at the bottom


9. Inform the artist on the general logistics of the session, along with your notes

10. Hit "Next" at the bottom

11. Confirm your booking

12. Your session is booked now! You can add the event to your Google Calendar


  • Learn how to upload your session materials here
  • Learn how to edit your session materials here.


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