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How to get started and navigate the platform and your subscription.

Welcome to Musiversal 🎸

Unleash your creative expression and make more music!

This is the User Guide for your subscription plan. From here you can find answers to most of your questions. For further details on website Navigation, check this section

1. The Help Studio & The Studio Hangout

If you have any questions about The Musiversal® Studio, we recommend that you:

A. Read the FAQs in The Help Studio - Start typing a question and answers appear 👇

help studio1

B. Join The Studio Hangout to get your questions answered from your experienced fellow Musiversal® Studio subscribers.

Most times you'll find the answers to your questions very fast. You can also contact us (point 4 below).

2. Booking sessions 

Visit to choose your next instrument and book sessions.

3. How to prepare for your sessions

When you start a new piece of music or book a new session musician, you must submit your prep material at least 24 hours before an upcoming session. 

⚠️Failing to do this will result in the cancellation of your session ⚠️

You can do so by following the "Prepare for your session" button in your My Sessions page.

Here is an article on what you need to send over to each musician.

4. Customer support

You can reach out to us via email on

You can alternatively use the chat widget. We have created a Musiversal chatbot 🤖 to answer your questions as fast as possible. Give it a try. 

5. Live-streamed session experience

Here are some articles about the live-streamed sessions:

A. What is a session and how do sessions work?
B. Do I need to install any software to join the sessions?