What is a Custom Session?

If you need to work on a project that doesn't fit our standard sessions' format, don't worry: we’ve got you covered.

We can all agree on how highly productive a 30-minute Musiversal studio session is.
We can also agree that those are not for every situation. This is where Custom Sessions come in: to give you full control and freedom regarding song/piece length, difficulty, purpose and delivery.

You'll get the best of both worlds. You can keep working with your favorite musicians on your Custom Projects, while still benefiting from the perks of our platform and its logistics, namely file management, live session streaming, full executive assistance and customer support.

A Custom Session is suitable when:

  • You need to record without time restrictions
  • On short deadline requests and projects
  • Over weekend deliveries (providing there’s availability for such)
  • In recording pieces of longer duration or higher technical difficulty
  • In recording / producing for sample libraries
  • If you’re looking for longer/more extensive preparation from the musician(s)
  • If your project falls into any other purpose not designed to record in a 30-minute session

How to request a quote and book your Custom Session

  • Fill in this form to provide a briefing and key information about your project.
  • We will review the briefing and materials, quoting the service based on the following aspects:
    •    Analysis of and considerations for the given material
    •   Online or offline delivery
    •   Your required deadlines and deliverables
  • After reviewing, we will communicate the quote to you, along with a Custom Session booking URL, containing all the project’s details and Terms of Use, for you to place your booking.
  • After placing your booking, we will maintain the conversation via email until the final delivery has been sent to you.

Cancellations and Refunds

We know that life and unforeseen setbacks can happen, so we’ve got a flexible Cancellations and Refunds policy, considering both our musician’s best interests and yours.

  • If you book and pay for a Custom Session, you can cancel with a full refund up to 5 days before the online session time or the offline first delivery deadline. Refunds typically take between 3 and 10 business days to arrive in your bank account and are returned with the payment details used for the original purchase.
  • If you cancel with less than 5-day notice, or if you book with less than 5 days advance of the required delivery date, you are not entitled to a refund and we offer the option to postpone and reschedule the date for a suitable time agreed over email.
  • Failing to submit your materials 48 hours before the agreed session date and time may result in the cancellation of your session without the possibility of a refund. In this event, we offer the option to postpone and reschedule the date for a suitable time agreed over email.
  • Refunds are not granted after Musiversal completes the delivery of the service.

Custom Sessions are subject to Musiversal's Terms of Use.