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What pricing options do you offer?

On Demand, Packs, Unlimited, Orchestras and Custom Quotes catered to all of your music production needs.

This article is about Musiversal Studio and Musiversal Unlimited.

Find the separation of each product’s information as you navigate below.

In this article, you'll learn about:

Musiversal Studio 

This section is about Musiversal Studio.

For similar information regarding Musiversal Unlimited, click here

How it works

  • Our Musiversal Studio product runs on On Demand (pay-as-you-go) or with Packs.
  • It includes real-time sessions with World Class session Musicians, Producers, and Audio Engineers. Learn more here.
  • Your credits have no expiry date, so you can use them at any time.

Service rates

All sessions cost 1 credit to book, with 2 exceptions: 
   •    Stem Mastering - 2 credits (90 minutes)
   •    Mixing - 3 credits (6 hours)

For Legacy Users (signed up before May 2022), instruments and Mix revisions cost 1 credit, with the following exceptions: 

   •    Stem Mastering - 4 credits (90 minutes)

   •    Mixing - 7 credits (6 hours) for Monthly plan holders / 8 credits (6 hours) for Yearly plan holders.

   •    Vocals - 2 credits
   •    Josh Plotner, Nuno Silva, MT and his team - 2 credits

   •    Stereo Mastering - 2 credits 

Learn more about Musiversal credits here


Studio Packs

Go to our Pricing page to learn more.  

  • On Demand: $79 per session
    Pay for sessions as and when you need them.
    Upgrade to a Pack for more sessions and greater savings, anytime.

  • For all plans started before May 16, 2022
    Get top-up credits for $60


Musiversal Unlimited

This section is about Musiversal Unlimited.

For similar information regarding Musiversal Studio, see above. 

How it works

  • Our Musiversal Unlimited product runs on a monthly tier of $199. 
  • It includes unlimited sessions within the month, with a limit of 4 booked sessions at any time. Find out more about this in this article
  • It includes real-time sessions with World Class session Musicians, and other services. Find out what's included in your Unlimited subscription here


Other services


Learn all about Orchestras here


Learn all about Mixing here.

Custom Sessions

Custom Sessions exist to give you full control and freedom regarding song/ piece length, difficulty, purpose and delivery.

Learn all about Custom Sessions here.

Arrangements and Transcriptions

If you need an arrangement or a transcription, you can request a custom quote here.

Learn more about arrangements here. And about transcriptions here.


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